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Namaste in Vegas

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Beautiful Tour Locations

Lake Mead Yoga Tour

Lake Mead

Find your Zen while overlooking Las Vegas’s Largest Body of Water, Lake Mead.   Hike .5 miles to a little known historical site with a view of Lake Mead Marina. 

Yoga Tour To Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Spring Mountain Ranch

Align your chakras in beautiful desert landscape with colorful mountain views, captivating desert wildlife and cool grass under your mat. 

Mt. Charleston

Focus on your breath, high about Las Vegas on the highest Mountain in Southern Nevada, Mt Charleston. This tour offers a little more hike and a much higher elevation 

Yoga Tours to the Mojave Desert

Joshua Tree Forest

Stand tall among the far reaching desert trees.  Joshua trees are know for overcoming adversity and flourishing in desert environments as will you after you 4 wheel it out to the desert for yoga.

Yoga Tours to the valley of fire

Valley of Fire

Find your Drishti in the colorful sandstone of Valley of Fire formed nearly 150 million years ago.  This areas spectacular views and rich history make a beautiful place to get in touch with spirit. 

Mojave Desert

Open your soul to the stunning desert wilderness.  There is no better place to practice yoga than such a vast and powerful atmosphere.  Be ready for an adventure as we off road to a secluded place in the middle of the desert. 

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Best Yoga Adventure


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Each and everyone of our locations is chosen with the idea of expanding your practice and increasing your oneness with nature. Each location has it’s own charm and definitely its own perks.  Some you can hike to, others we off-road to, and some we just get out and jump into asansas.  Check out this link to see info on all the trips and compare locations: CLICK HERE 


Book Your Tour

With so many beautiful destinations, we are here to help.  If you need have any questions, we are available to answer and help you choose your zenful destination.   Feel Free to contact us here by phone, email or on Facebook Messenger. 



Once you book, online or over the phone you will receive an email and a phone call confirming your tour which includes all you will need to know for the day of your trip. You can reference the FAQs or contact us with anything you may need to know.  

Bird of Paradise Valley of Fire

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"Amazing hike and great guide, Laura, she was amazing. She knew the lay of the land and could carry on a conversation."

Trip Advisor

"We loved the whole hike, the views were amazing. Our tour guide Laura was great. She took pictures for us and was very informative. She was very funny and made us feel relaxed the whole time. Could not have asked for a better tour guide."

Heather H
Trip Advisor
Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 5.30.05 PM

"We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the park, and Laura was a FANTASTIC guide. So convenient to be picked up and dropped off, communication was excellent before our trip, and the peaceful setting was a nice break from the strip."

Tammy V
Trip Advisor

Choose whatever you like

Essential Equipment

Namaste In Vegas
Custom Yoga Mat

Get your very own high quality custom yoga mat of the Las Vegas skyline. A perfect souvineer or gift for your favorite yogi..

Namaste in Vegas
Yoga Blocks

Deepen the Dimensions of your practice with the Pink Breathe Yoga Block. Whether you are opening your heart or your hips, Flow Your Roll blocks promote better balance, proper alignment, and deeper poses in some super zen-like style. And let’s be honest.. who couldn’t use a little extra support and balance?!?!?

Namaste In Vegas Necklace

A beautiful Silver Pendant that will remind you of the beautiful spiritual expericne.

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