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Valley of Fire

About the Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire got its name from the bright sun reflecting on the 150 million year old sandstone in a color that is unlike any other geographical formations you have seen.  This location is mezmorizing with panoramic views in every direction.  

You will surely find your zen in the quiet gem of the desert.  The fresh desert air and the lofting smell of desert flowers will take you away to whole other world as you flow amidst gigantic rock formations. 

If the scenery wasn’t stunning enough, you will get to off road to a tucked away secret location and hike in between unique rock monuments to a cool and secluded part of the desert, just perfect for a zen practice. 


Tour info
View Type:
Desert Landscape, Mountains
Hike Distance:
.8 Miles (.4 out & .4 in)
70 Miles (3 Miles Off-Road)
5-6 Hours
3,009 ft
$129/per Discount for Groups 5+And as Always Bride, Groom to be or Birthday Boy/Girl is free with 5+ People.

Trip Description

Visitors will explore the geologic masterpiece that is Valley of Fire and learn about its ever-changing desert landscape. Visitors will be able to enjoy the best of all the nature worlds: a 3 mile off-road adventure, a short hike followed by arrival at the yoga location. 

Upon arrival, guests will be guided through a meditation, a pranyanam, followed. by  a Hatha-vinyasa style flow tailored to their specific skillset.  Following yoga practice, guests will hike back and be taken to patronage the visitor center at Valley of Fire State Park. 

Trip Arrangements

The Namaste way…  We respect your vacation and we want you to relax, destress, and zen out.  This, of course means we provide a door to door service to and from your hotel.  No need to worry about logistics!  We got you!  After booking you will be contacted to verify your pickup and drop off locations.  

Once we pick you up we travel to the destination.  Namaste in Vegas provides for yoga mats, blocks, water and snacks along the way.  We can even provide you a way to get your mat around instead of hauling it yourself… Because we love you like that!  Your local guide and certified yoga instructor can help you with any other needs you may have! 

We do recommend you bring:

  • A Towel
  • A backpack or purse for your personal belongings, 
  • Wear comfy Clothes, Athletic or otherwise
  • A open mind
  • A happy heart 

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